Chimera Ranch

Where Excellence in Alpaca Fleece and Conformation is a lifestyle

Why Chimera??

What is in a name?

Why "Chimera" is a question we are often asked.

      • Firstly, it is a synonym for Dream.


      • Secondly,it is a genetic term that is focused on integrating DNA from two different animals to create new life.

These two concepts were a perfect fit for the Chimera Ranch vision.

The Chimera Ranch goals are focused on creating an alpaca program where excellence in Conformation and Fleece characteristics is what is achieved with every cria that is born is dependent on the integration of unique DNA.

It is a dream coming true for Norm and Sandra as they prepare to exit corporate America and begin a focus on the alpaca breeding and fiber industries. Chimera Ranch is an answer to our life style dreams.

Monday, June 13, 2011