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Why Alpacas as an Investment?

Farming Green

Owning and Breeding alpacas present many opportunities for financial and personal benefits. Here are just a handful to consider:

    • Ability to sell alpacas to other breeders
    • Sale of products produced from the fiber gathered from your herd
    • The sale of stud services from your Machos
    • Boarding of alpacas from other breeders on your farm
    • Consulting services to new breeders
    • Alpacas are fully insurable in order to protect your investment
    • Excellent tax relief benefits are available
    • Ability to leverage the Dung as a fantastic "green" fertilizer
    • Hosting of educational and knowledge exchange seminars at your farm

We find that people actually invest in alpacas for many different reasons.  A few include:

    • a secondary source of income
    • a primary source of income
    • something to do as part of a couple's retirement plan
    • hand spinners that want a personal fiber source
    • people that always wanted to be a "rancher" find the alpaca to be a great livestock animal for the mini farm
    • an alternative investment asset when compared to mutual funds or stocks
    • have purchased some land and would like the tax benefits associated to having it classified as "agricultural"
    • Livestock showmanship competitors find the Alpaca easier to handle in the show ring environment
    • they are tired of city life and just want a complete lifestyle change
    • the alpaca fiber market is a growing industry and the demand will soon be greater than the demand, enabling tremendous growth opportunities.

Monday, June 13, 2011