Chimera Ranch

Where Excellence in Alpaca Fleece and Conformation is a lifestyle



Dec 2012

Wow, where has the year gone.

We have made a full transition from AZ to CO and we have completed the infrastructure so that all the alpacas are home here with us.

The alpacas are adjusting well, as are we getting used to the daily chores and the ongoing herd health to keep an eye on these great assets.

Now we can spend more time focusing on the fiber business and the finishing of the basement to support fiber dying.

May 2012

Well, spring has come and gone and summer is upon us.

We had a great time at the Small Breeder challenge and the Futurity Auction in Apr;

GWAS 2012 was fantastic; A a great show and Norm really enjoyed the time in the Ring as a steward with the Judges.

We have made progress on our move to Colorado; More furniture is there... an office is prepared, walls to segment out a working fleece room are up; the joists for the deck expansion required to enable Sand

Feb 2012

What a month Feb 2012 was;

The SWRAS event was a very good event and well attended. The Snowmass Auction was to die for. Great alpacas for sale; Great friends in attendance; surpassed 500% in growth since it started.

We have started to evaluate fodder systems to augment the hay used on the farm. Many great options out there for consideration.

Feb 29 2012; Chimera's Cocotini enters the world....can not wait for her to beg

Jan 2012

A great start to the year;

Chimera Ranch Attended the Priority Auction in Las Vegas; A great time to meet new friends and see familiar faces. We bid on several lots, but did not win;

We sold more Nuno Felted Scarves; we are having a great time with this luxury fleece and the products they make.

Finished our first woven scarf as well.

Lifecompounded is doing well. it has grown almost 500% since it inception 1 Nov 2011; Really looking forwar

2012 at Chimera Ranch Alpacas

Happy New Year;

2012 appears to be a busy year for everyone at Chimera Ranch;

Priority Auction in Jan; SWRAS event and Snowmass Auction in Feb; Small breeder challenge / futurity auction in Apr; GWAS in May;

Everyone will be on site in CO from the middle of Apr to mid/end May to work on fencing, electricity, deck expansion and other critical items to support our full time move to CO in Sept;

Moving will take place one trailer at a time... o


As we prepare to close 2011, it is a great opportunity to take a look back.

We purchased property in Apr 2011 to move Chimera Ranch to;

We lost several cria due to stress issues (cold & Heat). possibly a blessing in disquise.

Had a great time at the Spring shows we attended and loved being able to help out at GWAS and the National event.

Summer was busy arranging for outbuildings; Sept was hectic trying to get all the fence posts and hydrants s

Life Compounded

Chimera Ranch opens it doors for a new subsiderary - Life Compounded; This internet marketing business is positioned to provide additional revenue streams in support of the feeding, Care and showing of our core business - the Alpaca;

This is a new business model we are embracing and is a great compliment to the alpacas and the alpaca lifestyle.

Looking forward to the continued growth and expansion of Chimera Ranch with this integrated business venture.

Great ABR Fall Festival Show

Chimera Ranch had a very enjoyable weekend at the 2011 ABR Fall Festival.

Great to see old friends and to make new ones; The quality of the alpacas at these events gets better with every show. The alpaca business is alive and well and the quality is rapidly increasing.

A specific highlight was Mile High Carlton Ritz winning Color champion in the Light class; At 38 months old, we were very pleased. Then we learned he also won Color champion in the Light class in the