Chimera Ranch

Where Excellence in Alpaca Fleece and Conformation is a lifestyle


As we prepare to close 2011, it is a great opportunity to take a look back.

We purchased property in Apr 2011 to move Chimera Ranch to;

We lost several cria due to stress issues (cold & Heat). possibly a blessing in disquise.

Had a great time at the Spring shows we attended and loved being able to help out at GWAS and the National event.

Summer was busy arranging for outbuildings; Sept was hectic trying to get all the fence posts and hydrants set.

The fall has been busy with craft shows and events to present our finished fiber and products.

November saw the Launch of; we have seen a 75% growth in 45 days... remarkable...

Now as we prepare for Christmas, it is really time to remember the reason for the season, Jesus; A precious gift given to all of us by our loving and caring God;

As a ranch and family, we are blessed beyond belief. Everyday is better than yesterday and we are excited about tomorrow....

May everyone have a great and Blessed day.

Merry Christmas everyone...